About Me

I played soccer all the way through high school. Because I entered the school with a recommendation, I was immersed in practice every day. Therefore, I did not study at all and felt as if I was going to school to practice for club activities rather than to take classes.

However, I really enjoyed studying in information-related classes, so I went to an information-related university to obtain a certificate. At the time, I had no experience at all, but I felt like I could handle it. Looking back, I don't remember why I chose this path because there was no wifi and my smartphone did not have a lot of bandwidth.

However, that is why I devoted myself to programming and spent 20 hours a day writing code. From there, I joined a human resources company that had been in existence for about six months as an intern, and I lived a full-time, no-holidays lifestyle. At the time, I was the only one in charge of the back-end, and although it was a hell of a lot of work, I really gained a lot of experience.

From there, I started studying front-end software and spent about a year writing react.js and building apps. After that, I interned at a major human resources company for about a year, where I was able to experience a large-scale new product from the design stage to its release. I was able to be involved in the project regardless of my field, so I was able to make the most of my previous experience.

From there, I gave up all programming for a year in my senior at univercity year and committed myself to studying English all the time, and was able to reach the level I had set as my goal.

I know that I am really lucky in many areas myself. I am proud to say that I am an idiot. That is why my strength is that I am able to work hard! I would like to accumulate various experiences to become an engineer who can introduce interesting products to the world!!